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4 Reasons Why Some People Aren’t Crazy About iPad

Many waited in line for the release of Apple’s ‘revolutionary’ tablet PC, the iPad. But many, too, shrugged their shoulders with indifference and dissatisfaction over the fact that this almighty device would not deliver on its promise. Well, these two opposing views clearly show how polarized people are with iPad. Let us take a look at a few things that make iPad a not-so-hot item for some.

iPad 2.0 will be available soon, so why bother?
This is a big issue. The currently released iPad is a big disappointment for many and that doesn?t help much with Apple’s efforts to make its newest tablet PC a big hit. Whether the disappointments of the general public ? techies, mostly ? are justified or not, it still hurts Apple’s sales. It still, in many ways, discouraged quite a huge number of people from buying the product.

But on top of this issue is the expectation that Apple will release a new, upgraded version soon. (Maybe this time, iPad will come with a built-in camera.) People would rather wait for the upgraded version, which many expect will offer a substantially improved version of its predecessor. Following this line of thinking, people would rather wait for one full year or two than dole out their more than $500 on a device that will soon be replaced.

It doesn?t support Flash.
Ok, big deal. Apple seems to have a thing for Adobe’s Flash, a standard on the web. Flash is what most websites and rich media are built with. It’s the program that runs videos, audios and games that have saturated the online world. But Apple seem not to like it. The company prefers a more stable, less vulnerable to hack platform. It prefers its own HTML5. It only makes perfect sense that all Apple’s products ? iPad included ? runs on this platform and not on Flash.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

What most people don?t quite get though is that nearly all websites on the internet use Adobe Flash. For the end users, this means that when visiting websites using iPad’s browser, Safari ? glorious and beautiful as it is ? there would still be some problems that may be encountered. Big problems. No Hulu and HBO for now, buddy.

No built-in camera. Na ah.
Before Steve Jobs formally presented iPad to the public, everyone thought it’s a no-brainer that Apple will attach a camera to the device. Apparently, iPad doesn?t carry one and there seems to be no clear indication that iPad 2.0 will have one. For now, iPad can?t be used for taking snapshots of yourself or for making video calls over Skype or YM.

You only get to multitask when running Apple’s native applications.
iPad runs on iPhone’s OS, fine. What is not okay though is that the same limitations on iPhone are experienced with the iPad. Say goodbye to multitasking.

If you are a regular user and if you see iPad as nothing more than a sophisticated, multifunctioning multimedia player/toy/laptop hybrid, it won’t be much of a problem. But if you live your life online, you’ll be stumped. There is no way you can listen to iTunes while making a video call using Skype.

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iPad ? A Kindle Onslaught, For Real?

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about Ipad, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about Ipad.

The pioneer in e-reading industry seems to have been beaten by a consolidated device that also delivers superb e-reading experience. But is the game over already between Amazon’s kindle and Apple’s iPad?

When Steve jobs presented the much-anticipated tablet PC, the iPad, during the formal launching of the product, he gave the nod to Amazon for pioneering and revolutionizing the electronic books industry. It was only a matter of time until he took an ominous tone that seemed to threaten to burn Kindle, for good. In Steve Jobs’ words, ?We?re going to stand on their shoulders and go a little further.? And they have taken e-reading further.

iPad is not exactly an e-reader. It is a hybrid that hovers between a smartphone, a laptop, and in some incredible respects, an e-reading device. What it does exactly, no one can quite pin down. It houses a powerful software that can do anything from playing high definition videos to providing a superb gaming console and, well, everything else in between. E-reading capabilities included. At first glance, iPad seems to run away as a winner in many things. But when pitted against Amazon’s Kindle, does it even stand a chance?

The heck it does. Take Steve Jobs’ word for it. iPad is a device that can take technologies to much greater heights.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

Retailing at $499 per piece, iPad does something more than a $249 Kindle can. It plays all sorts of media very well, it manages Instant Messaging platforms superbly, it allows seamless surfing of the web with the updated and better performing Safari, and has other capabilities that are apparently beyond the reach of Amazon’s Kindle.

Now the obvious question, will consumers prefer a multi-functioning device that seems to have consolidated everything from smartphone capabilities to plasma TV capabilities ? yes ipad enthusiasts go so far as comparing the glossy multitouch screen of iPad to a plasma TV – to a device that only does one thing ? to serve as a platform for ebooks? More importantly, when Kindle’s price go up, will consumers still buy it? Apparently, there are some Kindle die-hard fans out there who appreciate everything Kindle.

Kindle is Amazon’s blockbuster for a good reason. It is quite simply the best e-reading device out there. It does what no other e-reading device out there does ? it takes e-reading experience to a realistic yet more convenient level. It is a no brainer that kindle is not as sophisticated as iPad and that exactly is the selling point for the device. It does house any entertainment applications so users can focus on what they are doing, that is to finish the books they are reading from cover to cover. It also has the slow refresh function which makes it hard for readers to jump from one page to another, making it virtually impossible to skip from one chapter of the book to the next.

Kindle is also much less heavier than iPad. It weighs no more than 1.2 pounds, which is pure convenience for long readers. Compared to iPad which comes at 1.5 pounds, Kindle does not pose any discomfort identical with users who have tried reading with iPad.

So it’s a standoff?Apple’s iPad has functions that Kindle doesn’t even pretend to have but Amazon offers a specialized device that delivers on its promise. In the end, users will still have to decide. Do they need a toy that allows e-reading or an e-reader that does its work very well?

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of Ipad. Share your new understanding about Ipad with others. They’ll thank you for it.

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iPad, Why Ordinary People Love It

The only way to keep up with the latest about Ipad is to constantly stay on the lookout for new information. If you read everything you find about Ipad, it won’t take long for you to become an influential authority.

iPad is perhaps not only the most hyped device in recent history, but is also a device that has caused great polarization among users. People can only either love it or hate it. What is so remarkable with this love-hate relationship with Apple’s ‘magical’ and ‘revolutionary’ tablet PC is that you can tell who love and who hate iPad.

On one side, the techies hate it. They hate the fact that it can’t multitask, that it does not have Flash, and that it’s just a gigantic version of the iPod Touch. They can tell you everything that is so undesirable with iPad ? from its glossy screen that shows all the gross signs of fingerprints when turned off and the aluminum back that won’t make you feel comfortable when you place it on your lap early in the morning. They would even go so far as rant about the black bezel that is too wide to be attractive. There is absolutely nothing that iPad does that other devices doesn?t already do better. And to top all these off, iPad is nothing more than a product of systematic publicity.

While the techies complain about iPad, the online congregation of Apple product enthusiasts continue to clamor for the success that Apple has achieved through the tablet PC that promises to permanently change the way personal computing will roll in the future.

Multitouch screen ? This is surely among the top reasons why non-techie users of iPad love to have it around. Although iPod Touch can be used with nothing but bare thumbs, iPad takes multitouch screens to a level no other product has reached before.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Ipad. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

You can still play your favorite game applications, but this time, the experience is enhanced. Instead of constantly zooming in and out of the board when you’re playing scrabble, you already have the entire board glaring back at you. If you are driving on simulators, your screen resembles a car windshield more than it does with iPod Touch. If you love reading eBooks on your IPod Touch, you will find that the iBooks e-reader application of its much younger cousin offers you an experience almost similar with reading an actual book. Turn a page and you’ll find how much thought was thrown in to create an e-reader app that will give an almost the same feel as with reading a book. With a few modifications, of course. A single tap on an unfamiliar word can give you a dictionary definition online, for one.

When visiting a website, so long as it does not contain rich media contents made with Adobe Flash, you’ll have no problem. Other than that, the general experience of web browsing with iPad is simply, incredible. It’s fast, hassle-free, and liquid. It is, as Steve Jobs claimed, “the best browsing experience you’ve ever had”.

But not everything that is good with iPad is about its superb screen. People love the fact that iPad exceeds battery life expectations as well. Where typical laptops and portable DVD players can shell out up to 4 hours battery life, iPad promises you up to 10 hours of continuous use. No need for charging in between. But don’t take the manufacturer’s word for it. One independent review claimed that his iPad played 12 hours’ worth of movies.

And despite all these great things, iPad gives more. What more can you ask from a $499 Apple device?

There’s a lot to understand about Ipad. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles.

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iPad Buying Guide

When most people think of Ipad, what comes to mind is usually basic information that’s not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there’s a lot more to Ipad than just the basics.

You know you want an iPad. That’s probably the coolest thing you can have for the next few months. You’ve dreamed of going around with it since it was announced early this year. You have probably even considered waiting in line for the release of the first batch of iPad in stores. But you didn?t. So what’s keeping you from getting one?

Your Choices
There are six iPad variations available. The Wi-Fi models with 16 gigs, 32 gigs and 64 gigs capacity and the Wi-Fi +3G models of the same capacities. Price varies from $499 to $829. Somewhere in that price range is the perfect iPad for you.

But how do you decide which is the perfect choice?

Consider how much capacity you actually need. If you love resource-hungry apps, you should probably get yourself the one that boasts the largest capacity. If you typically download small apps, you should probably stick with the one with basic specs. Single purpose utilities and solutions shouldn?t be your problem. These typically are not voracious memory eaters. What you need to worry about are video and audio files. If you love loading your devices with lots of music and videos, consider a model that has a bigger storage room.

The more authentic information about Ipad you know, the more likely people are to consider you a Ipad expert. Read on for even more Ipad facts that you can share.

At the end of the day though, you still have to consider how much you are willing to dole out for a multifunctioning device. You will spend at least $699 on a 64 GB Wi-Fi iPad and at least $829 for a 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G model. Another consideration is the fact that it takes A LOT of apps to use up all your iPad’s memory so unless there really is a need to buy the one with the largest capacity, and for that matter, the highest tag price, you should probably consider the models hovering between the basic and high end variants.

Is 3G that important?
For 3G support, you should be ready to spend $130 dollars extra on your iPad. This is on top of the price of the model you choose. This comes in very handy when you are frequently out of range of hotspots.

The good thing with iPad’s 3G support is that it does not bind you to any long-term contracts. You can choose from AT&T’s offer of $14.99 for a maximum of 250MB data transfer per month which you can repurchase whenever you choose or $29.00 for unlimited data transfer. Not a bad deal. Not at all. On top of this, you also get to access AT&T’s hotspots whenever you want.

But still, is 3G that necessary? Depending on how much weight you put on wide-area network coverage. Among the top considerations for getting 3G service for your device is the preparation for the possibility of needing to connect online when you’re nowhere near a range of access point. This is especially crucial if you live your life online, 24/7.

Still uncertain about which model you should choose? Follow the rule of thumb in buying devices ? buy the highest model that your wallet can afford.

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Multimedia Heaven Found on iPad

When you’re learning about something new, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of relevant information available. This informative article should help you focus on the central points.

For most of the things we have heard about the iPad, its most popular feature is its tablet design. It sounds aesthetically centered, but beauty is just a secondary consideration when purchasing a gadget. The main purpose for acquiring a gadget is to take advantage of its ability to make the user’s life better, whether in business or leisure.

To the average consumer, features make or break the purchasing deal; besides, even if the buyer is not technologically inclined, he will find a way to get to know his newest object of gadgetry affection.

Internet on the iPad is handled by Safari; recently, they have approved the Opera Mini app. Safari is the fastest Web browser in the world, according to Apple engineers. No doubt about the source definitely, because Apple created Safari. Now, for some reason, they have allowed Opera Mini to be included in the App Store; however, even the app does not support Flash. To those who aspire to continue harvesting their FarmVille crops on the iPad: better luck next time.

The iPad boasts a crisp and advanced split screen-style email application. When the device is placed on a landscape orientation, it displays both the opened message and the list of emails on the inbox with a two-liner preview. Attachments and images are displayed by default alongside the text in the message. For some reason, the split-screen inbox reminds me of Outlook; I don’t know, I could be confused.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

Graphics are highly appreciated with iPad’s vivid color display. It utilises IPS or in-plane switching that allows for an extremely wide angle so you can look at your pictures from various points and still get a good view. Same goes for viewing maps on the iPad; its spacious screen and interactive display will allow the user to manipulate and zoom the map for better resolution.

For persons who enjoy viewing and collecting photos, there are several ways to store pictures in the iPad. You can import photos from your digital camera or SD card using the iPad Camera Connection Kit, an accessory that is sold separately. You can also synchronize the iPad to your computer using iTunes and?voila!?you have successfully incorporated photos into your iPad.

Videos and movies are great to watch on the iPad for its wide screen effect and crisp display. The battery can run for ten hours so you can watch movies to your heart’s delight without having to deal with a blinking power indicator. YouTube has created an app specially designed for Apple computers to make up for the absence of Flash in the device.

Naturally, the iPad?like all other Apple computers?powers its entertainment and file sharing features through iTunes. This application will enable the user to share, download, and purchase media content such as music, videos, and photos.

Of course, the mother of all Apple apps is the App Store, where the user can purchase applications and content to be stored in the iPad. About 150,000 applications have been created and the numbers keep on growing as the iPad begins to respond to consumer demands.

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Tips And Tricks For Your iPad

Anyone with half a brain can use iPad at its basic level. Well, iPad, in fact, is very basic, even 2-year old kids can work well with it. There’s no such thing as learning curve, and definitely, if you have used an iPhone before, using an iPad for the first time is a day at the beach. It is made to be that way.

But still, even when things have already been simplified by Apple for you, there are still some things about iPad use that may take time before you know. Here are a few.

Soft Reset
Apple’s iPad does not necessarily come with an insurance that it will perform the same way it did the first time you bought it. Although there are no moving parts in the device, which generally means the device deteriorates very slowly if at all. There are still some risks though that some of its parts may not function in the long run. In case something goes awry with iPad, you can always find consolation in its Soft Reset function.

Soft Reset comes in very handy when the system freezes. It can be performed by just holding the top or power button simultaneously with the front or Home button for a couple of seconds. This will force your device to restart. Not happy with how an app is working and want to force quit it? Hold the Home button the same way, this time without holding the power button, and the device will exit any running app.

See how much you can learn about Ipad when you take a little time to read a well-researched article? Don’t miss out on the rest of this great information.

Cut- and Copy-Pasting
It’s a pain to copy long texts on iPad so Apple created an easy solution that will let you copy an entire paragraph without necessary stretching the blue knobs that appear on your screen. To do this, tap any text four times and this will highlight the entire paragraph. This trick can be done only though if you are copying an editable text. Otherwise, you’re stumped.

Importing Free eBooks
There are still some free things in this world. Free eBooks on Apple’s iBooks for example. If you want to download old books that have fallen out of copyright, you’ll find that there is an extensive collection of free eBooks downloadable on iPad. So long as you stick to the classics, you’re a happy man with iBooks.

Easy Mute
When embarrassing moments are on the horizon because you frequently forget to turn off the volume of your multimedia device, you’ll find that iPad gives you a break. It has an easy mute function that allows you to automatically turn the volume off. For two seconds, press the volume down and you’ll have peace and quiet back.

Supersized Screenshots
Now the screenshot of your driving simulator would look more like a windshield than a tiny keyhole. Take giant screenshots on your iPad by holding the power and home buttons simultaneously for half a second.

Bringing the Virtual Keyboard Back
Switching between keyboards ? real and virtual keyboards ? is not as hard as many people confess. You only have to hit the eject key on the real, physical keyboard to bring the virtual one up.

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Random Picking Of Over Thousands of iPad Apps

The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage–at least it seems that way. If you’ve been thinking you need to know more about it, here’s your opportunity.

The commercial craze surrounding iPad gave us the impression that this nifty machine is small enough to trot yet packed with superior apps that would put an ordinary smart phone to shame.

Apple has made it a point, in fact, a selling point, that thousands of apps were designed specifically to iPad consumption. These apps range from the leisurely and educational to the business centered. At present, additional apps are still in the process of been developed to ensure that all kinds of processes are possible to be accomplished in the iPad.

Interesting apps are present in the iPad, which may not appear to be immediately useful, but to some extent, is on a good-to-know basis. For instance, there exists a table of elements app called The Elements that has absolutely no use for corporate individuals and just about everyone else. Unless we are still attached to academic Chemistry or have great propensity to create our own potions, the Table of Elements seems like a whimsical addition to iPad’s list of apps. But it does not hurt to find this app, for one, it could come in handy in the face of an alien take-over.

One useful app would be the Epicurious, a comprehensive indexed cookbook. The user could randomly search for a recipe by simply using one of the ingredients names as the search keyword. It will return a list of recipes that includes the key ingredient and the user can further narrow down the search by adding more key recipes.

Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you’re fully informed about Ipad, keep reading.

Other lifestyle apps are offered too that can supplement the Epicurious app such as the Grocery IQ and Mcormick Recipes apps among others.

Games and entertainment apps have a wide array of selection from scholarly to mundane to high speed racing. Even the game apps have been specially redesigned for iPad. Gaming is such a great experience on the iPad because of its rich display, ultra fast processor and multi-orientation screen. The user can flip the tablet from portrait to landscape to better enjoy the gaming activity.

Scrabble and Soduko are two of the most popular educational game puzzles that were integrated into the iPad apps. Puzzle games such as Labyrinth, Monkey Flight, Traffic Rush, Superstar Chef, Bloons Light and more. For the puzzle addict, iPad sounds like a stairway to arcade/puzzle games heaven.

Racing games have so many incarnations in the list of iPad apps such as Real Racing HD, Asphalt 5, F1 2010, Fast Lane Street Racing Lite, Fast and Furious The Game Test Drive, Need for Speed: Undercover among others. There are about hundred of racing games to choose from.

The iPad owner can decide which apps to download on the iPad depending on his lifestyle or tastes. Everything is available on the App Store and almost all of it has been rehashed to adapt to the iPad’s specifications. With over a hundred thousand of apps to choose from, it would be impossible not to find one that will spark one’s interests.

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of Ipad. Share your new understanding about Ipad with others. They’ll thank you for it.

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Looking At Features The iPad Does Not Have

The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Ipad.

Technology that’s revolutionary, unique, and breakthrough?such are the adjectives that were attached to the iPad as it was launched by Apple early this year.

Its launch was arguably graced with one the most massive marketing concepts since the iPhone. Apple has a way of making grandiose statements about their products that result to great commercial interest. Sure, there exists a considerable gap between the positive and negative feedback, but these only fuels up the interest that is surrounding the latest Apple ingenue.

A lot has been said about the iPad’s features and performance. iPad detractors have belittled its purported presence in the industry. Most of the comments belie on the gadget’s lack of special qualities to actually take over one of the more popular devices today.

It cannot take over the iPod Touch primarily because of the difference in size. The main selling point of the iPod Touch is its handiness. For a relatively miniature piece, the iPod Touch can store so much files and deliver outstanding performance. It can play movies, videos, music, and games. In addition to that, an iPod Touch can connect to the Internet through wireless technology. It is practically the best amongst the slew of music players that came our way.

You can see that there’s practical value in learning more about Ipad. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered so far?

It cannot take over the iPhone or any smartphone in existence. The iPad does not support SMS, which is an inherent characteristic of a mobile phone. Moreover, it cannot perform the most important mobile feature: voice calls and its advanced sister, video calls. It cannot make video calls mainly because it does not have an integrated camera. It has a detachable camera that is sold separately as an accessory. It sounds fussy, definitely not the kind of device you would like to tote every day.

The iPad cannot take over the ominous laptops, whatever brand is in question. A laptop is heavy duty; its clamshell design protects the screen. It has a keyboard and a mouse and provides various input and output channels such as USB ports, flash drives, memory card slot, CD-ROM and HDMI socket. A laptop is a one-stop device that will enable you to accomplish your tasks in one sitting. Most importantly, a laptop is designed to support multitasking by allowing the user to open and run more than two programs at once.

Although it does have a case, which again, is sold separately. The iPad case is dual purpose; aside from protecting the display screen, it also serves as an iPad stand. A keyboard dock accessory is also available for those who prefer the convenience of typing away in an actual, physical keyboard.

For sure, a lot of iPad supplements will be introduced in the future, like an external hard drive or a mouse. In a practical sense, would anyone really want a gadget that offers the same features as the existing gadget already does? Not to mention the existing gadgets that have all the features tucked in without the need to purchase one accessory after the other.

Don’t limit yourself by refusing to learn the details about Ipad. The more you know, the easier it will be to focus on what’s important.

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iPad’s Shortcomings

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about Ipad, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about Ipad.

Well, even the best computer in the world has its shortcomings. With a promise of harboring new things for personal computing, iPad took center stage and impressed many. But not everyone is happy about what iPad brings to the table. For one, no one is quite sure what role iPad has to fill.

What Really Is An iPad?
Is it a toy, or is it a personal computer? A replacement for notebooks, maybe? For laptops? No one can quite pin down what exactly iPad does. It is a hybrid of sorts, but no one can truly say what it can do that other devices can’t. Even when everyone is clamoring that this device could kill Amazon’s Kindle, many from the Kinderworld still swear by the almighty e-ink. Still, even the not so big fans of reading eBooks on iPad think that the thoughtfulness of the technology used to recreate reading on an electronic device makes iPad a decent eBook reader.

Issues With Portability
It looks very much like an iPod Touch, only it is about 4 times bigger. But it is not an iPod Touch and certainly has more functions than iPod Touch offers. Besides, it doesn?t even have SMS so there simply is no way it can be an android phone, a hybrid phone even. Also, unlike the iPod Touch, it is not as portable. You can’t carry it around, not even in your pocket. It has the same portability issues as its heavier cousins ? laptops and netbooks. Even around the house, people have difficulty carrying it around. It is too expensive to carry without a case ? it’s quite heavy, its slippery and looks very fragile.

The best time to learn about Ipad is before you’re in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable Ipad experience while it’s still free.

It is a very impressive feat of engineering, though. No one can doubt that. At .5 inch thick, iPad stores so much power in it that it is virtually a go-to device when some work have to be finished or when you need a hand for your procrastination. But it?s not just light enough. Surely, anyone who holds this device with one hand for a few hours while reading an eBook or watching a movie will get tired of the weight. Even when you place it on your lap, a few hours can kill your legs. Still, it would be so much to ask when you have a powerful device that can give you superb web browsing experience, brilliant applications, and whatnot and not be content with its .5 inch thickness and it?s a little more than a pound of weight.

The Problem With The Screen
Too much glare. Susceptibility to fingerprints. Vulnerability to cracking. Too slippery. The list could go on. The main thing that makes iPad a very handsome device is what many of Apple products’ detractors hate about it. And comparisons are always made about how Kindle can fare better under the sun.

But really, when you take all these things away from iPad, you are already asking for a perfect tablet PC. A perfect device that can do nearly all things other devices can do without giving you so much as a small problem. And to think that it is just the second tablet PC Apple has developed, it sure is a giant leap for personal computing devices. But we are humans. Although we are not perfect ourselves, we expect for companies like Apple to produce perfect devices that no one can complain about, ever.

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How The iPad Can Be An Effective Business Tool

The following article presents the very latest information on Ipad. If you have a particular interest in Ipad, then this informative article is required reading.

From its inception, the iPad has been touted as a media consumer’s appliance. It is largely known for its flawless image rendering, video playback and vast storage space. Nonetheless, the iPad’s purpose does not begin and end on entertainment and leisure alone. It is also purposeful for business-savvy users who would like to experience Apple’s newest addition to its roster of technologically advanced products.

Apple is not entirely detached from Microsoft-based productivity programs; as a matter of fact, the iPad has built-in support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and 2007. The manufacturer understands the proliferation of Microsoft’s Business Email service and would not let their users be left behind in business if they choose to go with an iPad.

The Microsoft Exchange support will enable push email service and will be made available to the user’s calendar events and contacts’ information stored on their Microsoft profile. It is also possible to manage specific calendar details, search global address lists and inbox messages through this enhanced software feature.

Security is of utmost importance on an iPad; at the owner’s preference, multiple complex passwords can be assigned to ensure that confidential information remain inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Data exchanged over-the-air or through the Internet can be encrypted to ensure security. Additionally, corporate communication over-the-air is highly protected by a certificate-based authentication process via Exchange and VPN. Even an unfortunate event such as loss or theft of the iPad will not leave important data vulnerable because information on it can be securely deleted through a remote command.

Most of this information comes straight from the Ipad pros. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you’ll know what they know.

Specialized apps such as business metrics tracker, proposal reviewer, travel organizer, and flight tracker have been developed with the iPad’s business users in mind. Much like the enterprise edition of the BlackBerry RIM, Apple also hosts the iPhone Developer Enterprise Program. The difference of the iPhone Developer Enterprise from the Blackberry RIM is that the Apple-supported initiative will enable businesses to create their own specialized apps. Their very own apps will be shared to their employees and will be deemed proprietary by the client company.

Moreover, iPad profiles can be easily configured for businesses. Companies can set up their own profiles, complete with details such as VPN, e-mail, wireless network, and password and share it with colleagues on the iPad through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the Internet.

Most importantly, iPad supports iWork, Apple’s office productivity suite of apps that enables the user to create and browse documents, spreadsheets and presentations. These apps have been redesigned to complement the iPad’s multi-touch system.

Keynote slides can be presented, created, and enhanced through the touchscreen device. iWork’s mobile versions of Numbers and Pages can also be managed by tapping elements on the multi-touch screen. These documents can be shared in different ways; for instance, a VGA adapter can be used to connect the iPad to a projector to allow larger displays for a roomful of audience. Microsoft documents can also be imported into the iPad. Presentations, spreadsheets and text documents can be shared on a wider scale by uploading to where the public can view these files.

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