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Natural plant food- commercial alternatives

Those of you not familiar with the latest on Organic Fertilizer now have at least a basic understanding. But there’s more to come.

We all know that the fashion nowadays is to go green. Therefore, most things are done in an environmentally friendly way to protect the world. One of the most amazing things that have happened in recent years is that agriculturists and horticulturists have started to use more natural products to take care of their fields. As a result, more greener products have appeared in the market and many people have started to manufacture natural plant food at home.However, it is important to mention that not everybody can do that at home. This is when the market created the natural plant food alternatives to aid those producers who do not have access to making their own natural plant food and who want to keep their practice environmentally friendly. As consequence, government agencies have created projects to promote the production of natural plant food for commercial purposes.Desired features of commercial plant foodWhen you purchase natural plant food in stores you need to read the labels very careful. The label should include a list of ingredients and the amount of each of them contained in the plant food. Most commercial plant food alternatives contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium because those are the substances plants need to develop in a good way. In order to make sure that the plant food is really natural you need to check that the level of substances does not surpass ten. One thing to consider is that, although the levels are small the plant food will still be effective.If the label says the plant food contains carbamide, ammonia and/or salt, this means that the plant food is not natural and that you need to stay away from it. Some commercial plant food often includes oilseed and animal skin waste. Despite the fact that these two components are natural, they can have remains of hazardous chemicals that will affect the natural composition of the ground.In order to purchase the most appropriate commercial natural plant food for your ground, you need to have the ground tested prior to buying anything. This way you will know exactly what the ground needs and you will be able to choose the best option. Remember that most so-called natural products are not always natural. In an effort to produce more and to increase sales some companies have included not natural components in “natural” plant food.

When word gets around about your command of Organic Fertilizer facts, others who need to know about Organic Fertilizer will start to actively seek you out.

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Why 3D TV Is The Future Of TV Entertainment

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about 3D, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about 3D.

The 3D craze has swept moviegoers off their feet through the popularity of movies like Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, and just recently, Toy Story 3. The concept of 3D is an old one, but recent technological upgrades in the last few years have made it an even more mind-blowing experience. It also makes one think that it’s only a matter of time before the technology infiltrates our homes. In fact, with the release of 3D TV, it already has.

There are skeptics who have surmised (and understandably so) that 3D TV won’t get off the ground, that the current Global Recession leaves the market unripe for its production. There is also the matter of the manufacturers not having enough materials to support the growing demand.

But while this is true in many areas of the industrial spectrum, there has been a lot of interest expressed by companies from the industry and education sectors. This makes a lot of sense since the inclusion of 3D technology in the walk-through and training programs of construction, mining, and governmental industries can provide a significant improvement in the learning curve and memory retention of those who undergo them, not to mention the convenience they offer to already existing methods. For example, won’t it be amazing if the medical industry can utilize 3D technology in TV monitors during surgeries? Just imagine the possibilities.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

It’s true that those who would rather stick with their HD TV sets are in the majority, at least for now. After all, most people have enjoyed their HD TV sets for only a few years and would like to make the most out of them. However, history dictates that people love to go with the times. New technology also dictates the materials that are being produced by the industries.

Samsung has also made a forecast that sales will increase by 20% from its previous estimate, which will bring expected sales to 45-50 million units. This explains why the company just released their two flagship plasma display 3D TV’s, both 50 inch models priced between US$1,500 and US$2,000. Samsung, Sony and other competitors will also be featuring 3D TV in different modes, namely liquid-crystal panels (LCD), light-emitting diode (LED) and now plasma display panels (PDP). This should allow 3D TV technology readily available in different price breakpoints, not to mention that it can address a wide range of preferences.

The media hype surrounding HD technology has set the major companies like Sony, Samsung, etc. to ride its coattails. The race in the production of materials in HD technology is now at its most intense. Partnerships between non-competing companies have also been made to take advantage of the business potential 3D TV will bring. Examples of these are Sony with FIFA, LG with XBox 360, and Samsung with Dreamworks among others.

The 3D TV revolution is at its infant stages. The pieces, however, have already been set in motion. At this juncture, it only makes sense that we go along for the ride. You might look even dapper wearing a pair of 3D glasses.

Of course, it’s impossible to put everything about 3D into just one article. But you can’t deny that you’ve just added to your understanding about 3D, and that’s time well spent.

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Stocks for the Gambler

This interesting article addresses some of the key issues regarding Stock Market. A careful reading of this material could make a big difference in how you think about Stock Market.

If you are a person who loves to gamble consider buying casino and gaming industry stocks. As you know the “House” always wins. Some of the stocks are healthy investments because there is real estate and other merchandise involved. Instead of feeding your quarters into a machine think about investing in the company.

MGM Mirage has a huge presence in the casino, hotel and entertainment industry in Las Vegas. It also has hotels and casinos in Michigan, Mississippi, and Macau S.A.R. Recently MGM Mirage signed a long term strategic relationship agreement with Dubai World. The company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker MGM. The stock sells in the price range of $83.

Boyd Gaming Corp. may not be familiar to you, but the company has a large presence in Las Vegas. It owns and operates 11 properties in and around Las Vegas. It also acquired Coast Casinos in Louisiana and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Boyd Gaming Corp. The stock is sold on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker BYD. The price is in the $40 range per share. Boyd Gaming Corp. is expected to make steady gains over the next three years.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of Stock Market. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.

WPT Enterprises, Inc is a company you may know what it produces but not necessarily that much about the company. WPT Enterprises, Inc produces the World Poker Tour and owns the rights to television broadcasting and products branded under the WPT Enterprises Inc name. It is a joint venture between some notables in the gaming industry and Lakes Entertainment Inc. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lakes Entertainment. WPT Enterprises, Inc. is traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the stock ticker WPTE. The stock sells in the $3.50 per share range, but who knows it may be a sure fire bet in the long term. There is a great deal of public interest in the World Poker Tour.

Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. is a well known name in the hotel, casino, and resorts industry. It has been in existence for over 60 years. It may be one of the largest influences in Las Vegas business ventures. Recently it moved forward on its plan to build a world class sports arena on the Sunset Strip. Additionally Harrah’s is involved in the development of a master development plan for Las Vegas. The stock is sold on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HET. The stock sells in the range of $85 per share. One thing for sure, Harrah’s will be around for the long ride.

All of these stocks provide an avenue of investment for the gambler. The key is to watch the stocks and determine when you want to buy stocks. Timing is everything in this sector. In addition to casino and resort stocks there are some excellent technology stocks. This is the area of the gambling sector that supports the casinos in developing new technology for the gaming industry. The field of gaming technology is always on the move due to new innovations. Whether the casino is making big money or not, the need for new products is essential to attracting new customers.

There’s no doubt that the topic of Stock Market can be fascinating. If you still have unanswered questions about Stock Market, you may find what you’re looking for in the next article.

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What is fingerweaving?

Fingerweaving is actually a Native American art that was usually done to come up with sashes, belts, straps, and other things only through a weaving process that does not use looms. Unlike the loom-based weaving process, the weft and the warp strands are not separated because all of the strands play both roles.

Some particular patterns and combinations of different colors were originally limited to specific clans or societies only, while others were widely used by the general population. The patterns that were produced through fingerweaving methods were oftentimes chosen for various designs for leg bands, belts, capes, dresses, pants, sashes, gun straps, and even shirts. For some designs that were close to costumes, feathers and beads were interwoven into the clothes.

From the French voyagers

Back in the past, the French voyagers were regarded as fur traders in the Northern part of the United States of America and the Southern part of Canada. They adapted the patterns for creating sashes and belts in order to indicate which company they belonged to for identification.

The belts they created were actually the first weight belts so that they could add more support to their stomachs while carrying canoes or some packets of beaver pelts. These weight belts oftentimes weighed up to six hundred pounds.

The Spanish conquistadors

Truthfully, the only difference between you and Spinning And Weaving experts is time. If you’ll invest a little more time in reading, you’ll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to Spinning And Weaving.

The Spanish conquistadors utilized sashes that have been fingerwoven to proclaim which particular command they are part of. Also, the sashes are tools for recording their conquests over the Native American race.

South American styles

Contrary to what many say about the similarities between South American and North American patterns and designs, they are actually much more different than similar. In fact, their differences from one another are far more observable. Moreover, patterns from the North were slightly modified with some additional weft strands.

Basic weaves

To date, the weave that is most commonly used is the diagonal weave. People and various manufacturers love this particular weave because it creates a wonderful series of parallel lines that run down the entire length of the weave in a diagonal direction. It does not matter if the seamstress starts weaving from the left side or the right side. The only thing the seamstress should pay very close attention to is maintaining the same direction. Even a minor change in direction can change the general look of the pattern.

Loom weaving

In loom weaving, the seamstress starts off with an even amount of warp strands, but making sure that there are no weft strands. The warp strands should be divided into two groups, a bottom row and the top row as well. The seamstress can start with the top left or the top right strand and run the strand from the top to the bottom or vice versa in keeping the strands in the very same order. Through this process, an interlocked row can be produced.

For the second line of the pattern, the new top right or top left warp strand should be tucked between the top and the bottom rows, which makes a new weft strand. The top and the bottom rows should be interlinked until the entire desired length is finished.

Now you can understand why there’s a growing interest in Spinning And Weaving. When people start looking for more information about Spinning And Weaving, you’ll be in a position to meet their needs.

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Are You A Stock Market Investor?

The threshold question before you decide to invest in the stock market is whether you are an investor. For some people the stock market may not be suited to their personality. This article addresses some of the qualities an investor should have in order to make a reasonable return in the stock market.

Sure, there are folk tales you may hear about the guy who bought XYZ Company stock for $5 and sold it 60 days later for $50 a share. This scenario probably has happened , but it is not the reality of being an investor. The following points should be considered when you are considering becoming an investor.

Are you self-disciplined in your thinking?

The first step anyone must take into account is their own personality. Are you objectively a person who is organized in your thinking? Do you know how much money you have to invest? Do you know how to set objectives in your finances? Have you set goals for savings and followed through on those objectives? An investor has to have a clear set of objectives in their choice of investments. Is the amount of money you intend to invest a one time wind fall? Are you able to set aside a certain amount of money each month to investing that is disposable income?

In effect what you will be doing is moving some of your pass book savings to an investment. Patterns development in peoples lives. Are you able to transfer your savings pattern to include a regular investment in the stock market? If you are currently earning a small percentage on your pass book savings account what rate of return would you be satisfied in receiving? The key to investing is to know your expenses and income and decide how much money is disposable income. It is this excess that will be your investment dollars.

Are you able to set goals and listen to good advise?

Think about what you’ve read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Stock Market? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs?

Once you have determined that investing may be a possible avenue for you to consider the next step is setting goals. A goal is the objective of your investment. It could be for retirement, a vacation home, a rainy day fund or a new boat. Whatever your is determines the type of investing you will be looking for in your research. If it is a long term goal like retirement you may seek a tax exempt municipal bond fund or a mutual fund with certain characteristics. If you want liquidity like a pass book savings account where you can draw money as you need it there are some investments that may fit. The important aspect of this step is to know your objectives and then draw up a budget or a plan.

All of the major fund companies have managers and consultants. Are you able to set forth your objectives and ask for advice in picking out a fund that will fit your needs? This does not mean you need to sign up for the first consultant who takes your call. It means can you listen to advice and make a decision on various alternatives offered to you. After you have gathered all the information you believe is necessary for your decision can you apply your personal goals with the information presented and make a final decision?

This may seem like an odd inquiry, can you make a final decision? Unfortunately, some people will feel quite comfortable going to a car show room and purchase a $30,000 automobile. The color, impression, and internal motivators. But when it comes to investing, the buy is not as dazzling. It takes consideration to commit $30,000 to an investment in paper form even though you may be purchasing stock in the flashy car company.

Can You Let Go?

The final and perhaps most important aspect of deciding if you are a stock investor is, YOU. After you have gone through all of the self analysis, goals, research and advice of others and made your final decision the next step is critical. Do you have the personality to allow your investment to take its course? Can you sleep at night? Unless you are a day trader who plays the upside and downside of the stock market and I would not recommend this to anyone starting out. You have to be able to roll with the punches. Trust your instincts and review your investment on a monthly or quarterly basis. If you buy individual stocks, place a limit order on the account. A limit order allows your broker or on-line account to sell if the price goes down.

The mutual fund investment works differently that buying individual stocks. If you are satisfied that your choice of a fund met all of your criteria for investing let it alone and review it only periodically. If your mutual fund for any reason meets with unexpected long term problems you can change funds. I would review the fund on a quarterly basis and discuss this with the fund account manager or representative.

This is the investor personality that you need to have in order to have a lifetime of success in the stock market. If you have it, it works. If you don’t, try another type of investment.

Is there really any information about Stock Market that is nonessential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.

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Investing In The Stock Market

The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Stock Market.

Investing in the stock market is one good decision you can make if you want good returns of your money. However, you cannot do business in stocks if you do not open an account with a stock broker.

Minimum amount

In opening an account, first find out the minimum amount you have to deposit with your broker, regardless of the account type you choose. These minimum amounts start at around $500 and goes up to $10,000.

The thing to watch out regarding these deposits is your own budget compared to the quality of services and facilities the brokerage firm can offer you. Needless to say, shopping for your best options is the best initial action.


A good firm may demand a minimum deposit of, say, $2,500 but will deliver many more values in terms of lower commissions (as low as $1.50 to $3.00 per equity trade). On top of this, your broker will give you free reinvestment plans, and a large number of free trades.

They may not even charge you for inactive accounts. For a beginner, these perks are very important values in the form of risk-free investments and savings.

The next phase is choosing the type of account best for you ? individual or joint accounts.

Individual account

This is issued as an investment account that is for good one person. You must be 18 years old or above to be issued an account. (This entitles you to full legal rights as an adult.)

Another qualification would be that you have to be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien with a valid social security number. (A resident alien is a person who is a non-U.S. citizen but legally resides in the country and pays taxes.)

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

Joint account

This is an account opened for two or more people with the requirement that both people who opened the accounts must also reach the age of majority or 18 years old in their states of residence.

A joint account can either be a JTWROS (joint tenants with rights of survivorship) or a JTIC or joint tenants in common.

Opening an account

It is easy to open an individual or a joint account. It can take only around 5 short minutes to open an account on line. Select the account type you want to open and fill in your personal information.

You also have to include reading and confirming the subscriber agreements which includes the account agreement, customer acknowledgment of risk, any day trading risk disclosure statement.

Moreover, you are also required to comply with the exchange rules. This means you have to read, understand and comply with both the New York Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange data subscriber agreements.

Like most public documents, you have to provide personal information that includes your name, address, date of birth, address, marital status, employment, dependents, phone numbers, mother?s maiden name, social security number and country of citizenship.

Finally, choose your user ID and password. You also give out your email address, and follow the instructions on how to retrieve forgotten passwords and others.

After accomplishing these requirements, you shall then be a bona-fide investor, with a legitimate broker and already a part of the stock market industry.

That’s how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.

Learn Bass Guitar Playing

There are different types of guitars. You will often notice this when bands are playing. Have you ever tried playing a bass guitar? If you don?t know how to play one, then you can start to learn bass guitar playing.

Did you know that bass guitar playing is very easy? It is among the simplest musical instruments that even children can learn to play in a short time. Beginners are advised to learn the different notes one by one. This way, you will avoid being confused and some possible problems.

If this is your first time to play a bass guitar and you haven?t played any other instrument, make sure that you use the fretted guitar. This will make it easier for you to learn the notes and how to play them.

On the onset of your learning to play a bass guitar, you will not need the instrument. You will first have to concentrate on finger exercises. It doesn?t really matter which hand you use. Bass guitar can be played both by right handed and left handed individuals. Try to relax your fingers. Later on, lift your left or right hand making a ninety degrees angle with the floor. Lift your fingers one by one and make sure that you this in rapid succession.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

After conducting the finger exercises, you can now use the bass guitar. Place the guitar on your thigh with the strings opposite your body. Most bass guitars have a sloped body but if yours is different, you can use your forearm to adjust the guitar?s position.

The neck of the guitar should be supported by your left or right hand. Place your thumb on the E string. This string is located midway of all the strings on the guitar. Your index and middle finger should be on string D. This is found two strings down the E. try to pluck each string in succession. Don?t expect to get this lesson right away. It may take awhile before you can master it. If you?re patient, you learn this much faster.

How are you going to learn these things? You can have several options. You can buy a DVD program that focuses mainly on bass guitar playing. Aside from that, you can also sign up for guitar lessons but this is a bit expensive. If you want to learn playing bass guitar inexpensively or even for free, start surfing the net and find some information regarding bass guitar playing.

If you?re really into bass guitars, it would be best learn at an early age. So if you have kids who are interested in bass guitars, give them lessons right away. However, it?s never too old to learn. If you want to give it a shot, you may do so. Just make sure that you are motivated enough, confident, and patient. You should also devote enough time to it so that you can master the lessons.

Playing guitar together with other people is a very fun activity. It can help you relax and you can meet a lot of people. If you know how to play a bass guitar, you can perform songs and make it more interesting especially when played with other guitarists, just like that of the bands. Learn bass guitar now; start with the basics and then try to learn the advanced notes as well.

This article’s coverage of the information is as complete as it can be today. But you should always leave open the possibility that future research could uncover new facts.

Weaving Basics

When you think about Spinning And Weaving, what do you think of first? Which aspects of Spinning And Weaving are important, which are essential, and which ones can you take or leave? You be the judge.

Weaving is a very old art form, but is now being practiced by both men and women all over the world. Before, the technique was only done by hand, but newer tools and methods made it readily available to make very intricate and beautiful designs with smoother lines and better quality. Weaving and spinning shops are also available in many places, including online. You can learn the methods and become a master if you devote enough time and effort.

Weaving Description

Weaving is known as a textile art wherein 2 unique sets of threads or yarns, referred to as the warp and the filling or older woof, are interlaced together to make cloth or fabric. The warp threads will go lengthways of the cloth piece, while the weft will run across from one side to the next. Cloth is woven on a loom. The loom is a material that holds the warp threads together while the threads are woven through it. Weft means “that which is woven”, which is a old English term.

The Approach

The manner wherein the filling threads and the warp interlace together is called the weave. The 3 simple weaves are called satin weave, plain weave and twill. The most of all the woven products are made with one of the weaves. Woven cloth can be plain, appearing in just one pattern or color, or woven in artistic and very intricate styles, like tapestries. The ikat is the fabric wherein the weft and warp is tie-dyed just before weaving.

Ancient Art

The more authentic information about Spinning And Weaving you know, the more likely people are to consider you a Spinning And Weaving expert. Read on for even more Spinning And Weaving facts that you can share.

Handweaving is a very old art, together with hand spinning. Today, there are still some individuals who practice the traditional methods. The most of commercial fabrics that come from the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom are woven on Jacquard looms managed by computers. In the past, simpler fabrics were woven using dobby looms, while the adaptation of the Jacquard harness is reserved for more sophisticated patterns. A number of people believe in the efficiency of the Jacquard loom. They say that the weaving process used by the Jacquard loom is more economical for mills, so that all the fabrics can be woven quickly and in the best condition possible, regardless of the sophistication of the structure.

About the Process

Weaving involves interlacing a couple of thread sets at right angles to one another. The two sets are called the weft and the warp. The warp are held very firmly and in a parallel pattern, via a loom. The loom is also dressed or warped using the warp threads going through heddles on a couple or more harnesses. The weft thread is wound onto spools also known as bobbins.

The Unique Structures

The bobbins are put inside a shuttle that will support the weft thread through the shed. Different weave structures can be created by the raising and lowering of warp threads. Some of the weaves you can expect include plain weave, twill weave, complex computer-generated interlacing and satin weave.

The weft and warp can be seen in the final results. If you space the warp closely, you can fully cover the weft binding it, providing a warp-looking textile like the rep weave.

Plant food- Natural plant food

The following article includes pertinent information that may cause you to reconsider what you thought you understood. The most important thing is to study with an open mind and be willing to revise your understanding if necessary.

Agriculturists and horticulturists all over the world have final come to terms with the idea that their ground and therefore their plants need an extra help to develop in a stronger way. Giving plants what they need is a safe way of making sure that your plantation will not be deficient any important substances. Now that they have finally agreed to “feed” their plants better, the dilemma that has arisen is what kind of plant food to use. Some farmers agree that the best plant food to give to their plants is the inorganic fertiliser.

They claim so because inorganic plant food has the ability to boost the plants’ growth significantly and because they get faster results. However, on the other side are those who claim that the best way to feed their plants is by using environmentally friendly products. One thing you need to consider is that either natural or chemical plant food, both of them have pros and cons, but we need to say that natural plant food products are the ones that will have a less negative impact on the world.

Remember that natural does not mean that you can use as much plant food as you want in order to improve your plants’ aspect. When natural plant food products are used in excess they can often be ineffective and might even ruin the ground composition.

The information about Organic Fertilizer presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about Organic Fertilizer or it will teach you something new. Both are good outcomes.

Natural plant food products

The first thing you need to do before setting about buying any fertiliser you choose is to have your ground tested. This is one of the most important steps you need to follow in order to find out exactly what the ground needs to be able to grow strong and healthy plants.

Something to take into account is that most grounds do not have enough nitrogen. The characteristic feature of lack or low levels of nitrogen on the ground include slow growth of plants, vegetables and fruits. In this case the best thing to do is to purchase a natural plant food product that has an important level of nitrogen.

The ground can also have low levels of potassium or phosphorus and in that case you should get a natural fertiliser that has proportionate levels of N,K and P. Apart from those three substances, natural plant food products generally have sulphate and zinc. The other main component of natural plant food products is natural materials. This substance helps the ground to be more resistant and to retain water a lot more.

Some natural plant food products have too much potassium in them and if you use it in excess you might end up with burnt plants and useless ground. That’s why you need to be careful with the application method you use. Some farmers claim that the best way to apply liquid plant food is by sprinkling it over the leaves of the plant. Some other say that if you pour the plant food into the ground the plant will absorb the substances a lot faster.

Now that wasn’t hard at all, was it? And you’ve earned a wealth of knowledge, just from taking some time to study an expert’s word on Organic Fertilizer.

Is 3D The New Platform for Sports?

It’s a whole new ballgame for sports. The delivery of sporting events to homes is o longer just the domain of 2D television; rather this is now being challenged by the 3D technology. The use of 3D television and imagery is now gaining ground, and being seen as the future of the technology. Are sports having a renaissance in the form of this technology? If the players in entertainment are to be believed, then yes this technology is slowly picking up in the world of sports.

Now fans are no longer just satisfied with 2D images for sports. They are now looking for 3D as a way to improve the gaming and the sporting experience. This is not to say that the traditional 2D viewing experience is no longer good. It is still a nice experience, but compared to the 3 dimensional images well there is no argument in that. Watching sporting events with the use of this technology is beyond compare and an experience in itself- viewers can actually feel that they are part of the game and they can see the game in a whole new level.

For this year, there are two major sporting events were highlighted by this technology. The Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club was delivered on 3D and the World Cup in South Africa was also rendered in 3D images.

This was the first time that United States homeowners with 3D-enabled television sets and personal computers got to see the golfing spectacle on Augusta on 3D. This coverage of the sporting event actually marks a number of firsts. This was the first time that there was a live national and next generation 3 dimensional broadcast. This was also the first time that there was a live simulcast of an event inline and also the first time that the live multi-camera production was made available to the public.

Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there’s more to 3D than you may have first thought.

Also the beautiful game called football also made a splash this year in 3D. For this year’s edition of the World Cup in South Africa, the technology was also used in full force.

For the World Cup event, the technology was not made available regularly or on 24-hour schedule compared to other sporting shows and events on many sports cable channels. The carrying of 3D is without charge, but the consumers were expected to have the HD set-top box plus the 3D television sets and of course the usual glasses.

With the big way of introducing the technology to sports fans, can we now say that the sporting world is ready to embrace this technology as its new platform? From the cost perspective, still this technology has a long way to go since the installation of this on consumers’ homes can be quite expensive.

But for entertainment value, the technology has plenty of help and this could be the main boost for 3D in sports. As of this time, the technology is still on the development stage but count on 3D to make a difference in the next few years.